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From the Desk of Hon’ble VC

Dr Uday Kant
Hon'ble Vice Chairman, BSDMA

      Since its inception on 6th November, 2007, BSDMA has been working inexorably for making Bihar disaster resilient through various innovative interventions right from state to village to community level while reaching the last mile to save every life from the impact of disasters. The Hon’ble CM is extremely sensitive about disaster management and it is also reflected from his commitment and declaration during BCDRR May, 2015- राज्य के ख़ज़ाने पर सबसे पहला हक़ आपदा पीड़ितों का है” (The disaster affected people have the first right on the state’s treasure/fund).

      In tandem with that, BSDMA is always working on a mixed strategy of short, medium and long term pragmatic solutions for disaster risk reduction across state by engaging in training and capacity building, disaster management planning for state, district and cities, strengthening of early warning system, regular mock drills, awareness activities, inter-agency coordination, stakeholder mapping and collaboration, hand-holding of NGOs etc. It is the sincere endeavor of BSDMA to institutionalize and strengthen disaster response, reconstruction, rehabilitation, preparedness and mitigation activities through proper administrative and collaborative efforts.

      Huge awareness and training exercises are conducted continuously through our unique flagship programs across the state viz. Mukhya Mantri School Safety Program (MSSP), Safe Swim, Safe Boat Operations, Community Volunteers (CVs), Hospital Fire Safety, DRR for differently-abled people apart from our regular programs of training of Officers, Vets, Engineers, Architects, Masons, Jeevika Didis etc on disaster risk reduction.

       Our multi-sectoral skilled and trained team is pursuing the goal of making Bihar disaster resilient in consonance with Sendai Framework of Action (SFA), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PM 10-Point Agenda of DRR and recommendations of Bihar DRR Road Map and low carbon development pathway of Conference of Parties (COPs) under UNFCC. We are striving hard to realize our vision to build a safe and disaster-resilient Bihar by developing a holistic, proactive, multi-disaster and technology-driven strategy for Disaster Management while incorporating a culture of prevention, mitigation and preparedness.