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Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Lay down policies on disaster management.
  2. Approve the State Plan.
  3. Approve plans prepared by the Departments of the State Government in accordance with the State Plan.
  4. Lay down guidelines to be followed by the District Authorities in drawing up the District Plan.
  5. Lay down guidelines to be followed by the different State Departments for the Purpose of integrating the measures for prevention of disaster or the mitigation of it's effects in their development plans and projects.
  6. Coordinate the enforcement and implementation of the policy and plan for disaster management
  7. Recommend provision of  funds for the purpose of mitigation.
  8. Take such other measures for the prevention of disaster, or the mitigation, or preparedness and capacity building for dealing with the threatening disaster situation or disaster as it may consider necessary.
  9. Lay down broad policies and guidelines for the functioning of the State Institute of Disaster Management.