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HRD, Capacity Building & Training

The main roles and functions of this section are to – 

  • Build capacity of various stakeholders, firstly government officers in various ministries and department of the Government will be targeted for capacity building.
  • Outreach the Architects, Engineers, Medical Doctors, Educationists, Industrialists, Builders and Contractors, etc, so to give education and training in vulnerability assessment, risk analysis and various components of Disaster Management.
  • Prepare appropriate strategy for achieving the desired results.
  • Prepare the necessary curricula for appropriate education and training of manpower at various levels.
  • Help in creating institutional facilities for training of trainers and execution of the educational and training programmes.
  • Target not only for training all those in position already, but also and those who will be joining the services under the Government, various undertakings or non-government organizations in a continuing way.