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BSDMA Get Prepared


Road Safety –
  • Always wear seat belt while driving or sitting in a Car.
  • Always wear Helmet on a two-wheeler.
  • Obey Traffic Rules.
Don’ts –
  • Don’t talk on Mobile phone while driving.
  • Do not overtake from wrong side.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
Do’s –

  • In the event of an earthquake follow Duck – Cover – Hold principle.
  • Rush to open area.
  • Switch off electricity from Mains.
Don’ts –
  • Do not stand close to high rise buildings, weak houses and windows.
  • Do not stand close to electric poles and under a tree.
  • Do not use lift in the event of earthquakes.
Floods –
Do’s –

  • Keep Emergency kit, jewelleries and important documents ready.
  • Listen carefully to flood warnings.
  • Immediately move to a higher and safer place.
Don’ts –
  • Do not enter into flood water.
  • Do not stand close to electric poles and wires.
  • Do not use contaminated water.
Fire –
Do’s –
  • Keep sand bucket and fire extinguishers ready.
  • In case of fire follow Stop – Drop – Roll principle.
  • In case of smoke in a room crawl on your knees.
Don’ts –
  • Do not put excess load on electric sockets.
  • Avoid oiling up of garbage and dry leaves on roof of the house.
  • Do not light fire crackers at congested places and near vehicles.