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Vision, Mission & Guiding Principle


“To build a safe and disaster-resilient Bihar by developing a holistic, proactive, multi-disaster and technology-driven strategy for DM. This will be achieved through a culture of prevention, mitigation and preparedness. The entire process will centre-stage the community and will be provided momentum and sustenance through the collective efforts of all government agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations”.


•  To work as a think tank for the Government by providing assistance in policy formulation from DRR Lens and;
•  To facilitate in reducing the impact of disasters through:

  • Planning and promoting training and capacity building services including strategic learning.
  • System development and expertise promotion for effective disaster mitigation.
  • Promoting awareness and enhancing knowledge and skills of all stakeholders and general people.
  • Networking and facilitating exchange of information, experience and expertise.
  • Research & Development and documentation of best practices.